Body Contouring Tightening

Skinfluence™ Technology Offering

In the same way an artist uses his or her tools to sculpt, define and create, Skinfluence™ offers the latest state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures and techniques to redefine facial contours, perfect skin tone, and enhance each individual’s natural beauty.

Futura Fit

Best for: Muscle toning

How it works: Electrical stimulation for muscle toning

What to expect: Gym workout without the sweat – 10-12 weekly treatments

When to do it: Anytime

Recovery: No downtime or recovery

  • Best for: Vaginal laxity and sexual function
  • How it works: Cooled RF to stimulate collagen production
  • What to expect: Painless procedure takes about 30 minutes
  • When to do it: Anytime
  • Recovery: None